Dreaming is a Private Thing

from by Lee Rosevere



A company that sells high-quality 'dreams' for those that cannot dream, is threatened by competitors who cheapen the experience for mass consumption.

There are so many interesting elements in this story that can applied to our current world in so many ways... least of all the dangers of selling the act of private creation: our world where originality is not valued as much as copying or repeating what's been done before (not a matter of using the past to create something new, but simply re-creating it with cruder methods and no context), combining that with the commodification of something that so personal is terrifying.

Are we that uncapable of doing anything for ourselves? The drums and bass guitar play the 'predictable' parts (the Luster-think) while the "Dreams Inc" tries to fly above it.


from Asimov (music inspired by the writings of), released January 27, 2012




Lee Rosevere Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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